Youth After School Specials

Youth After School Specials
Grades 6-12
Every Tuesday from 3:00-4:30pm

Youth (grades 6-12) are encouraged to sign up for a variety of “life hacks” promote special skills and interest explorations (see below). A light snack is provided. Sign up for all or just one! Please RSVP below by Sunday or earlier so we know how many to plan for.

Our “Life Hacks” include:
  1. Academic support: Available EVERY TUESDAY, led by Debbie Prasad Academics: This is designed to meet YOUR needs. In addition to specific school subjects, we can help with:
    • Review of your previous exams/quizzes to help you understand what you might have missed (so you do better in the future)
    • Building a study schedule for upcoming quizzes/exams (I know—there is SOOO much to do—and so little time to study!!)
    • Test taking strategies, test anxiety issues
    • Helping you to develop specific strategies related to issues/concerns/problems you may be experiencing related to a particular class, teacher, upcoming assignment, or test
  2. Life skills/Hobby lessons: Available by date and led by Tracy O. & Elena G. If we don’t finish a project, we can bump it to two weeks, and reschedule other projects:
    • Jan 17th – Random Acts of Kindness (you’ll have some take aways to share)
    • Jan 24th- Cooking: Baking Basics (you’ll make a sweet treat)
    • Jan 31st- Hand Crafted Cards (a special Valentine theme)
    • Feb 7th- Power Tools: The Sewing Machine (mini project to take home)
    • No meeting Feb 14
    • Feb 21- Candle Pouring (take home a small, scented candle)
    • Feb 28- Cooking: Knife Skills (chopping & more, we’ll make our snack!)
    • No Meeting March 7- Hospitality week, consider volunteering!
    • March 14- Mosaic art (design, tiles, set, grout, etc.)
  3. Peer Ministry basic training (4 parts) Likely starting after March 14. Available to those that sign up by FEB 28. Training/meeting dates will be selected based on schedules of those that will participate.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Ortlieb. We hope to see you on Tuesday!