Our church is led by several committees of dedicated leaders who work together to provide guidance and support in various areas of our church. Each committee is comprised of passionate individuals who are committed to making a positive impact and helping us fulfill our mission. These committees play a vital role in our church’s vibrant and inclusive community. If you have a question for one of the committees, click on the chairperson’s name to be linked to their email. If you need additional assistance call the church office at 248.349.1144.

Board of Trustees

Alan Reynolds, Chair

Brian Brenton

Nancy Gray

Sarah Raycher

Susan Schanne

Ken Sieloff

Rev. Marsha Woolley

Church Council

Tim Markstrom, Chair

Doug Bryant

Judy Dore’

Tom Good

Anne Holder

Deb Johnson

Josh Krogman

Kathy Lapham

Carol Peterson

Alan Reynolds

Nancy Schuerman

Brian Turnbull

Jackie Webb

Chuck Woolley

Rev. Sarah Wheatley

Rev. Marsha Woolley

Finance Committee

Josh Krogman, Chair

Judy Dore’

Scott Eiler

Robert Holshouser

Tim Markstrom

Jason Medley

Cliff Peterson

Debbie Prasad

Doug Szopo

Rev. Marsha Woolley

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Doug Bryant, Chair

Mike Betts

Karen Dixon

Gina Galdikas

Tim Markstrom

Angie Mucke

Susan Schanne

Stacey Stover

Christopher Warnick

Rev. Marsha Woolley

Missions Committee

Chuck Woolley, Chair

Carol Peterson, Chair

Patti Dawes

Maddie Eiler

Scott Eiler

Barbara Harlow

Al Johnson

Linda Newsom

Tracy Ortlieb

Sarah Raycher

Robyn Sabourin

Church & Society Committee


Membership Committee

Anne Holder, Chair

Ginny Brock

Karen DeMeo

Annie Klark

Carmen Markstrom

Faith McClory

Mary Nelson

Endowment Committee

Tom Good, Chair

Burt Smith

Matt Thibaudeau

Brian Turnbull

Debbie Valencia

Memorial Committee

Kathy Lapham, Chair

Pat Fidler

Jean Holmes

Joyce Menchinger

Jackie Webb

Northville First Care Board

Debbie Johnson, Chair

Cathy Brenton

Kyria Clark

Patti Dawes

Carmen Markstrom

Jon McClory

Nancy Schuerman