Youth Music

Each year, 7th- 12th graders from our community come together to learn a set of songs, dances, and acts.  The youth learn more about God and share their faith through the songs they learn.  This opportunity provides the youth with a chance to give back to others by performing their musical gifts in and around our church.   The songs and message of the musical changes each year.

High School Musical Kick Off (G9-G12)
Sunday, Feb 3 from 11:15 am – 12:30 pm

Midweek Youth Musical Kick Off  (G6-G8)
Saturday, Feb 9 from 9:30-11 am in Chapel

Below is an overview so that you can reply back to me:

  • We will be working on the music of the musical during regularly scheduled youth groups so that everyone will participate in the experience of preparing for the musical and the message we will be presenting in worship. This will include movement. If a child is set against “movements” or dance, I will place them in the back of the kids doing the movements. I don’t want to exclude anyone from participating because I pushing them beyond their comfort zone; however, I would like them to practice and try in a safe environment for fellowship and fun. They may surprise themselves and decide they want to be a part of the Sunday worship after all! So let’s just keep that option open for God to work through these kids 🙂
  • Any child that wants a speaking part will get a part. You can indicate to me a few lines or be a part of a full skit. I have various levels of participation planned in hopes to accommodate everyone’s interest. If a child doesn’t want a line now but then comes later to wanting a line, I will do my best to “create” something to foster their participation interest cause that excites me!
  • Extra practices will be scheduled by SKIT or by MUSICAL SONG. I will assign SKITS/lines based on your level of interest and availability.
  • I will initially practice Midweek Youth (G6-G8) and High School separately.
  • Expectation is the entire musical will be learned by March 23th.  Then after Spring Break, we will come back to review, polish and present our message.
  • Please complete the YOUTH MUSICAL ONLINE SURVEY by Friday, January 25th.
  • Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask me. I am trying to be as thorough in this first communication.

WORDS: Speak Life 2018 Youth Musical


“Our mission is to be a community in which our children and youth can find, experience and share their purpose in life through God’s unconditional love and the teachings of Jesus Christ.”