Mother’s Day Ideas

Hi Dads/Other Not-The-Mama Caretakers!

Traditionally, the schools have created wonderful cards and crafts that kids have given to mothers for generations, but this year it’s a little different. 😉  So to help you out, I’ve included some easy ideas that you can print off and do from home!  Happy Mother’s Day!

-Miss Molly

List of Reasons Why I Love Mom (This is just a simple list the kids can come up with and color. Mom’s LOVE knowing why they are loved!)
Reasons I Love Mom Large
Reasons I Love Mom Small

Mother’s Day Skit (This is a fun skit for older children to do. It’s about the History of Mom’s! You can always change things up to fit your family dynamic when it comes to the characters.)
Mothers Day Skit

Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt (Come up with 5 little gifts to have hidden around the house and make Mom search for them with clues!)
Mothers Day Scavenger Hunt

Mother’s Day Questionnaire (Simple sentences for your child to finish! This is GREAT with the littlest kids.  It’s always fun to see what they have to say!)
Mothers Day Questionnaire

Mother’s Day Note (Just a quick card to sign and give to Mom!)
Mothers Day Note Small
Mothers Day Note Large

Mother’s Day Coupons (Mom can use these coupons to redeem for chores, games, quiet time, and other things whenever she wants!)
Mothers Day Coupons

Helping Hands Craft (Print this off, paint your child’s hand & slap it in the middle so Mom has a keepsake of how your child’s hand once was.)

Minute to Win It-Mother’s Day Edition (What’s more fun than playing Minute to Win It games with Mom? Enjoy the laughter that is to come!)