High School Retreats

youth-retreat-for-webRetreats/Lock-ins allow High School Leaders to focus on topics longer, assisting youth to grow in their faith and relationship with God, as they dive deep into an idea. These extended times together also offer a time to bond with other youth following Christ’s teachings. What a terrific experience!

Winter Retreat or Offsite

These popular events offer a break from winter dull-drums and help students grow in faith and relationships while embracing all that winter brings. The high energy activities inside and out are balanced with a relevant theme, Bible studies, and discussions for real-life applications, as well as free time for recreation. Some years we do an overnight and others we do multiple off-site winter events! Plans for Winter 2018-2019 include Novi Christmas Skate, Hines Park Sledding, and January Skiing at Mt. Brighton!

Summer Retreat

Planned for early August, High School Leaders coordinate a weekend at a Michigan camp. The kids are divided into Bible studies groups for the weekend.  With these groups, they will learn and talk about the topic of the retreat as they participate in activities. Teens often lead devotions in the morning before breakfast. During free time card games and other activities are enjoyed such as swimming and outdoor sports, weather permitting.

Fall Lock-In

Shortly after school starts, High School will gather for a lock-in at the church. This chance to get to know each other better and form stronger friendships with other kids in the church facilitates activities throughout the school year. Lodging on site builds comfort and respect for our church and helps us view it as a pleasant place to spend time, our home away from home. Bible studies, discussions and activities come together in a new theme each fall that is relevant to this age and completes time together.

For questions about High School retreats, please contact Tracy Ortlieb (tortlieb@fumcnorthville.org or 248-349-1144 x.31).


“Our mission is to be a community in which our children and youth can find, experience and share their purpose in life through God’s unconditional love and the teachings of Jesus Christ.”