Step One – Practice Practice Practice! 

*We will sing verses 1, 2, 4, 6.  Only verse 4 will be in parts, the other verses will be in unison.* 

Step Two – Record Your Part (you may choose one of the two options below, OR email Annie to record at the church)

OPTION ONE – Acapella app (available for iPhone or iPad)
Step-by-step Instructions:
OPTION TWO – Two-device process (available for ALL devices)
-You’ll need two devices (computer, phone, or tablet) to complete this option
-On one device, plug in your headphones if you have them available
-On that same device, click on the guide track above that corresponds to your voice part
-On a second device, open your camera and click on the video record option
-Play the guide track on your first device, while recording yourself singing on your second device
-After you’ve recorded yourself, email the recording to me at or share it via this Google Drive: