Courtesy of Mike Moyers

The Labyrinth

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Labyrinth Examples

Printable Finger Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a very old way of praying while you walk. You follow the pattern of the path, walking between the lines. Praying the labyrinth is a way to get closer to Jesus. Praying this labyrinth can be a sort of pilgrimage, a way to walk to a space where you feel close to God. You can think of it as taking a walk with God or with Jesus. While you walk, you might think about what Jesus wants you to do, how he wants you to live. While you are walking in, you can think of what you need to leave behind. What things in your life keep you from being close to God?

When you reach the center, you might just sit or stand and rest for a few minutes. Listen and feel for God’s presence within you. What do you want to say to Jesus? Then, you simply follow the path back out. On the way out you might think about what Jesus wants you to do in your life. Is God calling you to help a certain person or be kinder in a special way?

Normally during Holy Week, our church would have a large labyrinth that everyone can walk.  Well, this isn’t normal times.  So instead we invite you to print off this finger Holy Labyrinth or better yet, make your own with your family!  Attached you will find a few different ways to create your home labyrinth.  Take this time to pray together as a family and for each of you to reflect and prayer to Jesus. The children will learn that a labyrinth does not have DEAD ENDS!  We can never get lost.  Walking toward the middle can be like walking towards God’s presence as we think about how we can better focus on God.  In the middle we can thank God for our blessings. On our journey out of the labyrinth we can pray about how we can share God’s love to bless others.​

Feel free to share your creations and your experiences! God bless you all! ~Miss. Molly