1. Send a new text message to 248-457-5002.
    2. In the message area, text the amount you would like to give by simply entering the number only and send it.
    3. If this is your first time, you will be sent a text with a link that will take you to a website to set up your debit or credit card information that will subsequently be stored and matched to your phone number.
    4. After this first time set up, the next time you want to give, just send the amount you want to give to the phone number listed above and that’s it. You will receive a confirmation notice via text and email of your donation amount.
    5. Want to give to multiple funds? That’s easy too:
    a. To see a list of available funds to donate to, text the word funds and you will be returned a text listing the fund names. Right now, available funds are:
    i. Ministry
    ii. FIF
    iii. UMCOR
    iv. Civic Concern
    v. Other
    b. To specify donation to a specific fund, send dollar amount, space, fund name. Example: 50 FIF
    c. You can then send another text for the next fund: 100 Ministry
    d. And so forth…

For questions, email Lindsey Eliason.