The Last Supper – John 13:1-20

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It can be difficult for modern readers to grasp the significance of Jesus’ act of washing his disciples’ feet before they shared the Passover meal. Our feet don’t need to be cleaned when we arrive at a friend’s home. Help kids by describing the dry, dirt roads people traveled on in sandals or barefoot. Invite kids to imagine how and when their own feet get dirty and need extra scrubbing. Beyond that, Jesus washed their feet to show his love for them. Encourage kids to enter into the story by thinking of big and small ways to show love to others by serving them.

Jesus was together with his friends to celebrate Passover. Passover was a holiday for Jewish people that is still celebrated today. The disciples and Jesus ate a special meal. At that meal, Jesus told his disciples to love each other. They shared bread and wine around the table. Today in churches we celebrate communion, or the Lord’s Supper, to remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his friends.
Today’s story has three parts. It takes place on a special holiday called Passover. During Passover, Jewish people traveled to be with family and share a special meal together. This story is called The Last Supper because it’s the last time Jesus shares a meal with his friends before he is killed. He wants them to remember their time together. To help us remember the story and what Jesus tells his disciples, we’re going to act it out.

Read the whole story together in the Bible: John 13:1-20
Love one another.
Ask each other what you remember about:
• Jesus
• Feet
• Bread
• Wine
• Peter
• Judas
The story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet is only told in the Gospel of John.

1. Are your feet ticklish? Where and when?
2. How do you show someone you love them?
3. What does it feel like when you do something you really REALLY didn’t want to do?
4. What is your favorite meal? While you are making dinner together, talk about the various menus you love. Try them each out over the next week or so!

-Wash each other’s feet! Just like Jesus did with his disciples, get a bowl of water and wash each other’s feet. As you dry them off, say, “Remember, Jesus Loves you!”
-For younger kids: Meals together are really important and we all certainly have the time for it now! This week, help set the table for dinner with your family. You could make special placemats or a centerpiece, too.
-For older kids: Invite a friend over for dinner once we are all able to be out and together again. Help cook a nice meal, set a beautiful table and enjoy the company of family and friends. You can even do it virtually where you’re video chatting and all eating together at the same time.

-Say this prayer around a loaf of bread.
Thank you, Jesus, for calling us to love and serve each other. Thanks for showing us how, too! Remind us, now, to do it! AMEN.