Luke 1:68-79

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The speaker in this story, Zechariah, was the father of John the Baptist. Sometimes this text is called “The Song of Zechariah.” The first part of the song is about Jesus. The second part is about John the Baptist. It’s odd that a father would sing about his nephew more than his own son. But Zechariah’s son did the same thing. John always drew attention away from himself and pointed to his cousin Jesus. We join in the praising with Zechariah as we thank God for saving us in many ways.

Kids experience music in all areas of their lives. Music is also a powerful way to connect with God. Kids can learn that singing is a form of praise and a way in which they can talk to God in prayer.

Luke 1:68-79

-What is your favorite song to sing?
-Do you know any lullabies? Love songs? Sing them to each other!
-How does your family get news of those you love?
-Light a candle before dinner and go around the table sharing wonderful things that happened during the day.

-At the next baptism you see, remember this song that Zechariah sang about Jesus and John.
-When you hear a blessing, remember this song of blessing that Zechariah sang.
-Have a sing-along! Borrow some hymnals from church or print off some lyrics from the Internet and then have fun singing! Sing your favorite hymns, praise songs, and camp songs. Sing with CDs or with your piano or guitar. Make a joyful noise!
-Have fun making up new verses to the song “Jesus Loves Me”!
-Load some songs about Jesus onto your per- sonal listening device or make a CD of faith- based songs. What makes a good song about Jesus?

Sing this prayer at bedtime to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”:
Thank you, God, for this good day.
Thank you for our work and play.
Let us sleep and rest tonight,
So we’re ready when the sun is bright!