John 2:1-11

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Changing water into wine is the first of Jesus’ miracles in the Gospel of John. Interestingly, the word “miracle” isn’t used but, rather, “sign,” because this amazing event points to a deep truth about Jesus as the Messiah. This sign is performed at a wedding, a major celebration that traditionally lasted several days. Wine was an important part of the celebration. It is estimated that 120 to 180 gallons of water were transformed into wine. Jesus doesn’t make a big scene of this miracle. It seems the only people who know what he’s done are his mother, his disciples, and the servants.

This story is important because it shows Jesus’ power and hospitality in one big miracle. Not only is Jesus a teacher, healer, and conveyor of love, grace, and mercy; he can also do mighty, miraculous things. But Jesus doesn’t do these signs to show off or make people feel bad. Jesus uses his power to make sure people at a wedding get to enjoy their time together. Kids can be inspired to use their power, gifts, and abilities to make life more abundant for the people they encounter. Also, this story shows a moment in which Jesus disobeys his mother, which might give kids a chuckle.

John 2:1-11

-What kinds of things do you expect to see at a party?
-Have you ever been to a wedding? What was it like?
-What is your favorite way to finish off a good meal?
-Plan a party in which your favorite part is saved for last. What kind of party will you have?

-When you see a pitcher of water, remember this story of Jesus turning water into wine.
-Next time you hear the word “miracle,” think of the amazing miracle Jesus did at the wedding in Cana.
-Make a special surprise dessert to have after a meal. Is there something your whole family would enjoy? Talk about this story of the wedding at Cana as you enjoy the surprise at the end of your meal.
-Help set the table for a fancy celebration. Make placemats, use special plates and glasses, light some candles, and decorate!
-The wedding at Cana has inspired artists for centuries! Search the web to find different pieces of artwork that have this Bible story as the subject.

Thank you, God, for all of the amazing things that Jesus did. Help us to learn something about your son from this story. AMEN.