A small group opportunity during the season of Lent.

This Lenten season we invite you to reconnect, recover, reenergize and remember what it’s like to be together!

Enjoy small group connection with your church family during Lent and find out how we are coping and how we are thriving. Where are we finding joy? What is really tough? How is it with your soul?

We will form cohorts – new parents, singles, seniors, etc – so we can offer support while sharing experiences, ideas and fun along the way. Groups will meet during the season of Lent for 4-8 weeks in-person, on Zoom, or a combination of both. In most cases the day and time the group meets will be determined on availability of group members. The pastors and church staff will assist any who would like to form a group or be in a group.

We’ll provide an outline for your sessions that will include questions and discussion starters to use as you wish. Are you already thinking of who you might invite to join you? Are you looking forward to welcoming some new folks?

A culminating opportunity to meet in person for a safe and meaningful Guided Labyrinth Walk will be available as an option for every group during Holy Week.

It is indeed time to reconnect and “do good” for our souls. We hope you are as excited about this opportunity to be together as we are. Questions? Email Rev. Alice or call her at 248.349.1144 x13.