“Why Wesley? Social Justice and The UMC”
Monthly Thursday evening gatherings at 7:00pm

Beginning on Thursday, May 19th at 7pm, our Church and Society group will host monthly gatherings in Rooms 12/13 to discuss the various Social Principles of the United Methodist Church. Our first topic will be on the Social Principle that addresses abortion as this is a current “hot topic”” in the U.S.

Many writings, sermons and works of John Wesley focused on the social inequities of his time. Some of the topics he addressed were healthcare, homelessness, education and poverty.

To paraphrase John Wesley: There is no religion but social religion, no holiness but social holiness. Faith working by love is the entire framework of the Christian life. Methodists have long been known to people concerned for the lives and welfare of others, particularly around the social and political struggles of the day.

Come join in the learning, listening and sharing. Questions? Contact Rev. Alice Ford.