Flocknote Signup

Connecting with us just got easier!

TEXT-TO-JOIN: Text “ FUMCN” to 84576.
WEB: Visit https://firstunitedmethodistch24.flocknote.com 

Once you have texted to FUMCN, you will receive a text link back where you can join smaller, more specific groups – such as adult classes, child/youth groups, volunteers – and receive FUMC messages of encouragement, announcements, event invitations, reminders, and more.

Save the number in your contacts for use later. Have a question? Text us! It’s simple to use and it’s 1-on-1 conversations. No more group texts. Your replies/comments will be private. Don’t text? No problem! Sign up for email notifications instead of text. If you have any questions or would like us to directly sign you up, email leliason@fumcnorthville.org.