Do you part to help get us one step closer to ending hunger in our community and the world around us. Join FUMC Northville and other local churches for the annual Novi/Northville CROP HUNGER WALK on Sunday, October 3 at 1:30 pm at First United Presbyterian Church of Northville. Take a walk with friends around town and help raise funds to fight hunger! By raising money through your sponsors, 25% will stay with local food banks like Northville Civic Concern and the NOAH Program. Other funds will go to on-going hunger projects throughout the world – including Haiti and Afghanistan. Learn more about the CROP HUNGER Walk HERE. Register for the walk HERE under Team FUMC Northville 2021 and start getting sponsors.

Special Note for Youth Walkers: This year a donor has pledged to give a $125 matching gift to each team of at least 3 youth walkers (21 and under) who raise at least $250 online. Plus, when you sign up online you will receive a $10 bonus. That means each team of youth would raise $385! ($250 in sponsor donations + $125 matching gift + $10 bonus).

What can your $385 donation provide?

  • 50 Families with seeds and tools to grow their own food
  • 50 Refugee Families with one month of food
  • 50 gallons of clean water to a community